1. Engine is known as the heart of a vehicle. Good engine makes your vehicle keeping running on the road. So it’s important to look at its condition for keeping it fit for functioning well. Oil changing is one of the most simplest and important job to make it fit. It is better to change oil every 15,000 miles or 8,000 km by a car professional for enhance the performance of the car.

  2. Aaron Byrd

    The oil change is an affordable and rudimentary aftercare task- that must be carried out regularly in order to protect the gamble. Yup, systematic oil change has a number of advantages- including 1)Improves the gas mileage, 2)Prevents the alluvium from building up, 3)Decreases the detrimental out-rushes, 4)Boosts the engine performance, 5)Extends the motor car’s lifespan. Thus, it does not make any sense to skip an oil change schedule. Rather you need to pick the right oil and replace it with the old one perfectly to keep your venture last-long. But if are unskilled to do this prime task, then better you should leave this chore to the professional.

    • I never said to skip oil changes if you have read the post, it says to change your oil at manufactures recommended intervals. Thanks for actually reading my post, Aaron.

  3. Changing oil is basic and the most important tips for maintain the car. When you see the fuel and oil filter is clogging up it reduces the performance of the engine and will damage the car, at that time you have to replace it. If your car is old change oil at every 5000 miles. You must check your tire pressure regularly. The kind of oil you need to put is totally depends upon the manufacturer’s specification.

  4. Changing oil is important to preserve your cars’ engine. Dirt might get stuck to your engine that’s why it needs regular maintenance. You can do it yourself or have an expert do it for you.

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