1. Cynical Pete

    The first drag race I went to was Santa Pod- England. That was many years ago. We went to the first meeting of the year at Easter time and stayed in a tent. Got there on Good Friday and watched the race on Saturday and Sunday but I had a feeling the weather was going to change. We got home Sunday night at about 9pm, 2 hours later it was snowing. Good call I think.

  2. jazzy323

    I have never seen drag racing, but it definitely interests me – one major concern I have is related to the safety of drag racing – is it associated with faster speeds so is it more dangerous? I have seen similar things on tv thats why ia m concerned about this aspect

    • Dan Labbe

      Hi Jazzy, Drag racing is only as safe as the driver. The times we have gone to Grand Bend there has only been one roll over. The cars have cages and safety harnesses built in to them as well as many other safety features required by federal standards. Your worries are irrelevant considering all the safety standards. Go out to a track near you and check it out. You will have a good time.


  3. lifebeginswithyourhealth

    very interesting article on drag racing, beautiful photographs. The cars in your article are awesome, I can only imagine the cost of a high quality drag car would cost.

    Traveling around drag racing must be an exciting adventure, very beautiful scenery in Canada.

    Do you drag race yourself, how long have you been drag racing if you do?

    • Dan Labbe

      I don’t drag race, but I do own a motorcycle and sometimes like to go fast!! I have been riding for 10 years.

  4. Shane

    Great story, had a good old laugh with the train tracks beside the camping ground, I’ve been in the same situation before. Since I don’t live in Canada I take it when you hit the racoon and damaged the car, is the reason you reported it for insurance purposes I take it. Where I live we just report it to the insurance companies.

    • Dan Labbe

      The insurance company took care of my cars damage right away! I guess the police report really made a difference. Thanks for reading Shane

  5. KeldynFrancis

    I stumbled across your website on drag racing. Unfortunately being in Australia we do not have a lot of your muscle cars however we are getting the Mustang soon. Drag racing has been something that has interested me for some time especially in my younger days. Keep posting those videos and pics. When is your next meet?

    • Dan Labbe

      Thanks for reading. I know down under you have many cars we don’t have. The ONDR.CA Race all summer as well as many other racing organizations.

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