1. Randy

    Hey Dan,
    It looks like an amazing car show, not bad for $20. I haven’t been to a big car show like this one in many years, I miss it.
    You got some great shots there, I always forget to take pictures.
    I really like the mix of old and new along with hot rods too.
    Thank you!

  2. I’m sure you where in heaven being in the middle of all the wonderful cars. The Camaro and the Super Beetle are by far my favorite Cars of all time and to see them in such a way must have been fantastic. Thanks for sharing these pictures and also for sharing your experience of such a great car show.

    • Hi Barry, Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. The show was really cool. I hope to get more pictures this year during the summer to add to my collection.

  3. Yunier Gonzalez

    WOW ! 20 bucks only for all the hot cars that were there for display ? I remember going to a car show here in miami and it cost me a good 40 bucks but there was barely any cars that got me excited.

    For 20 bucks you definitely got a bargain .

    • Dan Labbe

      What You did not see was the cars I did not take photos of that day. I just kept moving and shooting pics the whole time.I could have spent 4 or 5 hours at the Car show. Thanks for reading.

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